The Alchemy

Body Jam Essentials is more than a skincare brand. Born out of a personal struggle with dry skin, our mission extends beyond physical moisturizing to mental and spiritual healing. We are committed to fostering self-love and empowerment through intentional living. Each ingredient in our products is carefully chosen, each customer experience thoughtfully curated, to remind you of your inherent worth and potential. We believe in the healing power of self-care, and aim to inspire this awareness in others. Body Jam is not just our story - it's a mission, a declaration of love, and an invitation to join us on this journey

The Harmony

As advocates of radical self-care, especially within the black community, our experiences create a safe space to journey consciously. Our mission is to usher you back to the unconditional love existing within. It is always there waiting patiently to be recognized,  we are just remembering. Our experiences incorporate Energy Healing,  Intentional Handmade Workshops, Women’s Circles, and Community meet ups to remind you of who you are, why you're here, and most importantly of your own authentic power. 

The Heart

Jam, founder and CEO of Body Jam Essentials, is a Houston-born, North Jersey-raised holistic practitioner. Inspired by a conversation with friends, Jam embarked on a journey of intentional skincare using handmade products, leading to the birth of Body Jam. Each product is crafted with love and purpose, designed to encourage self-care and appreciation. As the eldest of five, family is Jam's driving force. She's also a Reiki Master Teacher, sound healer, and a pillar in her community. At Body Jam Studios, she curates empowering experiences for other black practitioners, offering a safe space for healing and self-discovery.