Our Story

I can vividly remember my skin always being dry. I was given little slack in this department as a Triple and Long Jumper. The sandpit was always my favorite place to be. I’d try so many different lotions and oil, nothing stood a chance on this epidermis and for a while I leaned into “I’m cute regardless”. 

Fast forward I moved to Dallas with hopes of building a legacy I can call my own, I had no idea what that meant fully but a legacy nonetheless. I dreamed of driving through the downtown streets looking up at the reunion tower and knowing that I too have shined my light on this place. 

Through a joking conversation with friends pointing out that vividly gray layer of dry skin I could never seem to escape from, I decided to look deeper into remedies of relief. The “I’m a jumper” excuse (one of my favorites) no longer worked after being out of commission for 3 years, go figure. 

I never realized that this singular conversation between friends would be the spark that ignited into a way to aid in healing myself and others physically. I’m learning how in many ways, mentally and spiritually. Body Jam became not only a way to moisturize skin but it became the vessel of my truest expression, to be of service. 

Being of service to the community in ways that encourage healing and empowerment of the mind, body, and soul is what my heart has always called out towards. Through Body Jam and the intention we set for our brand, we are able to embody this deeply rooted core value in our products, our services, and our experiences. 

We get intentional and not just the kind of intention most are used to, although we have that covered too. Each ingredient is carefully selected to remind our customer of the love and healing abilities that grow within us every day. Self-love is healing. We aim to spread this awareness from one of the first ways we were taught to give love to ourselves, through self-care.

These are declarations of love and through this we hope to shine our light on the world and empower others to see the importance of self-care and how it is a foundational piece to wholeness...